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Hire better people

Why waste precious human time reviewing paper applications - when you can screen using our interviews recorded online with questions asked by our human like avatars. 

Reduce recruitment costs

With Interview People Online you can reduce the cost of filling your vacancy by up to 90%.

Improve the applicant experience

By making your hiring decisions more quickly you're removing uncertainty and frustration from the process of applying to work with your organisation. 

Fill your roles more quickly

No more scheduling headaches, no more coordinating multiple diaries, no more phone screening interviews. Just wait for the video interviews to arrive and screen at your leisure using your own pre-defined scoring matrix.

"It gave us huge flexibility and saved hugely on time and energy."

Recruitment Manager - Liverpool Football Club


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Employers love it.....

Eliminate the clearly unsuitable early

Candidates go directly from the 'apply now' button to complete their video interview at a time that suits them.

This eliminates the scatter gun CV approach to job applications and makes sure you only have to review applications from those who are genuinely interested in your positon.

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Taking the pain out of the recruitment process

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"Scheduling and conducting interviews always required a lot of time and energy. With Interview People Online our processes are much more streamlined and more effective."

General Manager - World Merit

Stay in control of the process

You set the questions - which are asked by our human like avatars.

You define the scoring matrix.

You can even set a time limit on the answers that you will receive.

Then everyone involved in the hiring decisions reviews applications at their leisure and decides who progresses to the next stage.

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Whereever you are you, whatever device you're using you can review your applications at a time that suits you to help streamline your recruitment process

Customise Access by job role

Control your settings for each position to make sure the right people have access. Quick and easy access for HR, the Hiring Manager and anyone else involved in the hiring decision.

Cloud-Based Technology

Enjoy the comfort and security that all your completed video interviews are securely stored in the cloud to make sure there are no barriers to access. Any time. Any place. Any device.

Set your own interview questions

Use our easy to navigate interview question builder and collaborate with other team members on question structure and time limits for answers.

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Enjoy a streamlined, lower cost recruitment process that makes sure you hire better people - faster.

"It helped us fill our vacancy in a fraction of the time and at very low cost."

Recruitment Manager - Smaller Earth

Candidates love it too...

Ethan Harman secured a role as a Videographer with BlueSky Video Marketing after going through the application process using our video interview software.

Listen to what he says about the experience of using the system in the video below.

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